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NAVITEL® released an updated version of Navitel Navigator 9.7 for Windows Phone 8/8.1/10.

What’s new in Navitel Navigator 9.7:

— Alternative routes

Navitel Navigator 9.7 helps users to choose the best route to get to their destination. When several routes are possible, Navitel Navigator builds alternative routes and displays them on the screen. The program will also display information about the distance and time that each of the routes will take to reach the destination.

— Works with Q3 2016 maps

The updated version of Navitel Navigator creates routes instantly. Q3 2016 maps are even more detailed and have been optimized to take up less space on an SD card or in the phone memory.

The updated Navitel Navigator 9.7 also adds the following features:

  • search by ZIP code;
  • improved address search;
  • new POI type: electric vehicle charging station;
  • and other improvements that enhance stability of the program.

To download Navitel Navigator 9.7 for Windows Phone 8/8.1/10 proceed to Microsoft Store.

New users get access to a 7-day trial period. When the trial period expires, the program will switch to limited functionality mode. In order to use the premium version you must buy a license key.

You can also purchase a 1 Year Subscription to the chosen maps and enjoy the advantages of the premium version with full functionality for the whole year*. You decide if you want to renew the subscription after a 1-year time period or cancel it. Navigate the world on your own terms!

* Subscription is available for all existing navigation map packages, except for maps of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, or any packages containing at least one map of these countries.