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  • How can I install the “Navitel Navigator” program to a PND, which is supplied with other navigation software?

    The program version for portable navigation devices (PNDs) is supplied only together with the device, and is not available without it. Please contact the authorized service center of the device manufacturer to find out if it is possible to install “Navitel Navigator”.

  • Where can I purchase the “Navitel Navigator” program and maps?

    It is possible to purchase additional maps and map packages, as well as the full version of the “Navitel Navigator” program after expiration of its trial version, through the program menu. The function is available for 5.5 and later versions of the program, installed in Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or Windows Phone devices. Internet connection is required. For more details see /support/instructions/buy-a-map.

    You can purchase the program and maps for a smartphone or a tablet, as well as additional maps for a PND supplied with “Navitel Navigator”, at the “How to buy” section of the website.

    You can also select to view the list of Internet stores, and of shops in Russia and abroad, which sell the program and maps, at the “How to buy” section of the website. Methods of payment are to be specified by the representatives of these companies.

  • Where can I see the serial number, assigned to the device by the program, the program license key number and the version of the installed program?

    To view this information, start the “Navitel Navigator” program. Select Menu in the bottom left corner of the main screen, then select My Navitel > Download maps > Navitel Navigator. The screen will open showing the version of the program, the serial number of the device and the program license key number. If the Download maps submenu is not represented in the program, select My Navitel > All products > Navitel Navigator.