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Software refund conditions - Google Play

Dear users, the following Software Return Policy applies only to software products purchased through Google Play.

Under to the conditions of License agreement with User for Navitel Navigator, NAVITEL s.r.o. carries out the present procedure of the purchased Software refund.

«NAVITEL» Software refund conditions

  1. In order to implement the appropriate sum of refund the following conditions must be fulfilled at the same time:
    • License key wasn’t activated;
    • Period of possible return (3 months) of the proper quality remotely purchased products didn’t expire.
    • Payment document or other purchase identification (number and date of the order), confirming Software purchase, was provided;
    • The appropriate User Application form for refund was completed.
  2. User's application for the appropriate refund (hereinafter - the "Application") may be granted only if the User has met all the conditions set out above in Paragraph 1
  3. The user can contact Technical Support via e-mail for advice on the procedure of Software purchase refund.
  4. Refunds will be made within 30 calendar days from the Application receipt.

Please enter your account at the following link Check order status at the page “Transactions”:

  1. If your order was cancelled (order is being cancelled by Google), withholds you see in the credit card statement is only authorization, not an actual payment. Please contact your bank for clarification.
  2. If the order status is "Delivered", please fill out the form below:

Refund application

Please attach screenshot of the open web-page with order information from