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  • When I bought my navigation device, there were license keys for the software and for a map. But when I tried to register them, an error occurred, informing that the license key is already activated for another device. What shall I do?

    Please, contact the seller of the device.

  • What should I do if I entered the wrong serial number of the device upon registration?

    A request should be forwarded to our support service to cancel registration. More detailed information on new registration is available at /support/re-registration.

  • What shall I do if an error occurs upon registration of the program or a map, stating that the key hasn’t been found or is incorrect?

    This error means that a typing mistake was made at entering the program (map) license key. Make sure that you type in the correct key. The key is case sensitive. If you are sure that you type in the correct key but the error persists, please, e-mail to the support service to, describing the situation and providing the license key number and your contact information, to verify the key.

  • Where can I see the program license key?

    The program license key is indicated in the license card or on the program installation disc (depends upon the device).

    The license key for the program, installed in a PND, is also indicated in the “Registration Key.txt” file.

    If the “Navitel Navigator” program is already registered (for 3.2 and later versions) start the program. Select Menu in the bottom left corner of the main screen, then select My Navitel > Download maps > Navitel Navigator. If the Download maps submenu is not represented in the program, select My Navitel > All products > Navitel Navigator.

  • How can I register a map?

    Instructions for registration of additional maps is available at /support/instructions/maps-registration-common.