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  • I bought a sat nav and it shows me the location that I am in Poland

    The navigation shows a predefined location from the factory, which does not correspond to the real location.

    In order to correctly determine your location, it is important to position the navigation device so that the navigation device has a direct view of the sky where the GPS satellites that determine the device's location are located. Alternatively, you can place it close to a window and wait for the current position to be found.

  • Navigation can't be turned on

    Immediately after purchasing the device or after a long period of not using the navigation system for a long time, the battery in the device may not have the necessary power to start.

    Therefore, we recommend that you charge the device before starting (at least 2 hours) by using the included USB cable and connecting it to a standard mains adapter, such as the one you use with your mobile phone.

  • After updating or switching on, only the NAVITEL sign will be displayed

    After a faulty update or for some other reason, the navigation menu cannot be started when switched on, but only the picture with the NAVITEL logo is displayed on the screen.

    We recommend to follow the instructions in the Support-> Instructions ->

    Software recovery guide for NAVITEL navigation devices

    After the recovery is complete, you must perform a standard device update.

  • Navigation says UNREGISTERED VERSION what should I do?

    If you exit prematurely or forget to safely remove the device after completing the navigation update on the PC, the message UNREGISTERED VERSION may appear on the display and the navigation cannot be operated.

    In this case, you need to follow the instructions below. When it is a simple procedure to move a text file NaviTelAuto_Activation_Key.txt. You must copy this file to the folders Navitel and to folder NavitelContent/License.


    In case you are missing this text file in your folders, please contact us at the support contact email:, based on your request, when we need to find out the device ID, you can find it by clicking on the red exclamation mark on the display and sending us this full-length number with characters. Then it is no problem to send you back your specific key, which you copy to the 2 folders in the navigation directory according to the instructions.

  • How to CALIBRATE the navigation display?

    Display calibration is done using the included plastic stylus - a thin pencil without a sharp tip (not a finger), which is usually inserted on the back of the navigation holder or directly into the navigation body.

    If I start the calibration mode, I need to complete the calibration by always clicking in the center of each of the successively appearing black crosses.

    After successful calibration, navigation will start within 30 seconds or by tapping the display.

  • Routes between the two points are displayed as straight lines. How can I fix that?

    Make sure that the latest versions of the program and maps are installed in the device. If necessary, update the program and the maps.

    Select Menu > Settings > Navigation and set the switch to Route on roads position.

    Make sure that you have got maps for all territories, through which the route runs (for example, when planning an intercountry route, make sure that you have maps of the countries located between the country where the route begins and the destination country).

    In case there are any unofficial maps move them to a separate atlas — incompatibility with official maps may be the reason for the problem.

    If the problem persists, e-mail to describing the problem and providing the license key number, the route data, and versions of the program and the maps.

  • What should I do if my sat nav doesn't connect to the GPS?

    To connect to the satellites, it is necessary that the device is in an open space (windowsill, balcony or car dashboard). Typical positioning time after switching on is 30 to 70 seconds.

    Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed. Update the app if necessary.