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NAVITEL glad to announce that a firmtware update for NAVITEL MR450 GPS and DMR450 GPS DVRs has been released, improving the functionality of the devices.

What new?

  1. "Parking lines" section was added to the menu, which is the option for manually configuring the geometry of the "parking frame" on the screen. That option allows you to configure the DVR specifically for your car body type.
  2. Indicator of the installed memory card capacity has been added: if "04:55:10" is displayed on the screen in SNTB mode, it means that about 4 hours and 55 minutes of a trip can be recorded on this memory card (excluding emergency files).
  3. Menu for full configuration of the DVR has been added to the DVR Center mobile app .
  4. The image from the rear camera has been fixed: now it is fully displayed on the screen of the DVR without blind spots above and below the camera.
  5. Working with the DVR settings has been simplified: now, after updating the firmware all previous settings are saved, and reconfiguration is not needed.
  6. The database of cameras and warnings has been updated (3044 points added).
  7. Support of the British measurement system (miles) has been added.

Also, corrections and additions have been made to enhance the stability of operation:

  • Improved menu navigation;
  • Improved informative album;
  • Fixed freezes and reboots;
  • Improved satellite timing.

You can update the dashcam software on the website or through the Navitel DVR Center mobile application installed on your smartphone.

You can find detailed instructions for updating on our official website.

To view and edit files recorded by the dashcam, we recommend using the Navitel DVR Player program for a Windows PC, which provides users with advanced options for working with video files from the DVR: playing video on a computer screen, exporting and viewing trip tracks, the ability to save fragments of recordings, and much more.

For the correct operation of DVRs with a GPS informer, we recommend updating the software of your device regularly.