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Taking care of improving the comfort and safety of its users, NAVITEL has released an update to the database of cameras and warnings for DVRs with GPS.

7 168 objects of the camera and warning database were added to the new firmware, which includes information about speed cameras, road restrictions, the location of road signs and signs, etc.

The following has been added to the database of the speed cameras and warnings:

  • 1 545 speed cameras (total base now includes 530 147 units);
  • 1 989 control zones (total 766 542 units);
  • 3 634 warnings about potentially dangerous places (includes 820 681 in total)

The database update is available for the following NAVITEL dashcams:

  • MR450 GPS
  • R10
  • R1000
  • R1050
  • R3
  • R300 GPS
  • R5
  • R500 GPS
  • R600 GPS
  • R700 GPS
  • R9
  • R9 DUAL
  • R980 4K
  • RC3 PRO

NAVITEL specialists are constantly working to improve technologies, releasing updates and quickly updating brand devices to improve driving safety and make the use of our products even more convenient.

You can find detailed instructions for updating on our official website.

For the correct operation of DVRs with a GPS informer, we recommend that you regularly update the software of your device on the website.

For devices with a Wi-Fi module it is possible to update via a mobile application Navitel DVR Center.