Filters for NAVITEL CL100

A set of replaceable fine filters is designed for use with the NAVITEL CL100 wireless portable vacuum cleaner.

Filters keep your vacuum cleaner running efficiently by reducing dust, pollen, and other allergens from entering the air.

To install a new filter you must:

  • Unlock and remove the dust container by turning its housing counterclockwise until it clicks.
  • Remove the filter from the dust container by gently pulling it towards you using the plastic handle.
  • Insert a new filter.
  • Put the dust collector back, aligning its body with the grooves on the vacuum cleaner. Turn the housing clockwise until it clicks.

To clean the filter, rinse it under running water without using detergents and dry it completely before installing it in the vacuum cleaner.

When using a portable vacuum cleaner intensively, it is recommended to change fine filters every six months.


Filter, 2 pcs.

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