BT Hands Free FM Transmitter

BT Hands Free FM Transmitter

Your car is without any USB port or Bluetooth, but you would like to listen to your Smartphone music and manage your calls easily? NAVITEL BT Hands Free FM Transmitter BHF06 PRO with integrated hands free kit is made for you. Indeed, it allows you to listen to your music and enjoy your calls directly on your vehicle speakers. Thanks to its integrated buttons, you can also control music and calls on the product itself in one gesture. It is also equipped with Fast Charge USB socket which allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet.

Make calls easily with the integrated hands-free phone set

You’re on your way from one meeting to the next, when your boss calls. You must of course answer the phone. Thanks to the integrated microphone, you can use the Bluetooth transmitter in the car as a hands-free phone set. If you receive a call while listening to music, the device automatically switches to hands-free mode. To accept and end calls, you simply press a button.In this way, you can phone while driving and still concentrate fully on the traffic.

Highly sensitive microphone

Built-in microphone support noise suppression technology to effectively reduce noises. Grants you a crystal clear call to reduce interference. One-click the button to answer/redial/hang up or reject calls, you can keep your eyes on the road, making your driving safer.

Enjoy sound

Hip-hop beats, rock classics or dance tracks: with the FM transmitter, you decide what's playing in your car. No Bluetooth on your radio? Just connect the mobile phone to the transmitter: the device connects via radio and your music comes out of the speakers.

Access to your personal music library

Do you have your favorite hits from the past ten years stored on a microSD card? With our transmitter, you can also play these songs in the car. Insert the memory card into the card slot, and playback of MP3 files will begin automatically.

Our tip: microSD cards, in particular, are ideal for storing music. You don’t have to use up valuable storage space on your smartphone, and your song collection can be conveniently taken with you wherever you go. In addition, the small memory card disappears completely in the FM transmitter’s card slot – space-saving and clever.

Charge your battery extra fast

You have had a strenuous day and your phone battery is also empty. The FM transmitter offers a practical benefit in that it not only allows you to listen to music, but can also be used as a charger. Connect your smartphone or other devices to the Fast Charge USB socket with a USB cable, and charge it at high speed using the car socket. Fast Charge technology guarantees extremely fast charging – faster than with conventional charging technologies.

Convenient fastening

The device has been separated into 2 parts for greater convenience of use. The charger is connected to the cigarette lighter socket, while the functional display can be connected to the air vent or, with the help of an additional stand, attached to the car's dashboard.

Tech specs

Bluetooth version
Working voltage
Supported fast charging protocols
QC3.0, QC2.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFP, Apple 2.4, PD
Media playback support with
microSD cards: 16-256 GB (tested)
Support play format
Bluetooth transmission distance
obstacle up to 5m straight line up to 10m


Note: the package, appearance, specifications that do not change the overall functionality of the device may be changed by the manufacturer without prior notice.