A handy household assistant

The NAVITEL CL80 is a great solution for easy and quick vacuuming at home, office, workshop or in your own car. A capacious and powerful battery combined with conveniently shaped body and small weight of just 345 g make it a highly portable device that can be easily cleaned and stored in the trunk, table or on a shelf above your workbench.

Power and ease of use

High suction power rated at 11 kPa makes the NAVITEL CL80 an excellent cleaning assistant. It easily absorbs crumbs, animal hair, sawdust, ash and even sand, which may end up in your car after a trip to the beach.

Easy interior and work surface vacuuming

With no attachments connected, NAVITEL CL80 handles larger garbage perfectly, while its ergonomic shape simplifies cleaning under seats and in hard-to-reach places. The device comes with a slot nozzle that helps to reach narrow spaces, cladding joints, air ducts and zones between furniture and work surfaces. There is also a brush attachment that will be highly useful when it comes to more serious stains, as it will help to remove them from pile coating, mats, or interior materials when travelling with a cat or a dog.

Air filtration

NAVITEL CL80 is equipped with a two-level filtration system that keeps even small dust particles inside the device and prevents them from coming back to the place they were collected from. Regularly rinse these filters in running water and dry them at room temperature for maximum efficiency of the cleaner, especially if using it at your workshop.

Fast charging from various power sources

The vacuum cleaner comes with a capacious 37 Wh battery and complies with FC 3.0 fast charging standard, so its full replenishment cycle will take just around two hours. USB-C connector allows NAVITEL CL80 to be connected to any power source, be it a regular 220V outlet at home, 12V outlet inside your car or power bank. If you are away from any of them, even a laptop USB port will do.


Portable cordless vacuum cleaner NAVITEL CL80
Dust container
Crevice nozzle
Brush nozzle
USB-C charging cable
Warranty card
User manual

Tech specs

Li-ion, 7.4 V, 37 W∙h
Electric power
80 W
Suction power
low speed - up to 8 kPa, high speed - up to 11 kPa
Charging voltage and current
5 V, 2 А
Charging port
Charging time
≈ 2 h
Fast charging support
FС 3.0
345 g


Note: the package, appearance, specifications that do not change the overall functionality of the device may be changed by the manufacturer without prior notice.