NAVITEL SH1000 PRO — a wireless charging car mount for a mobile phone that will be your indispensable assistant on any journey.

Fast charging

The mount supports Qi wireless charging standard up to 15 W and allows the topping-up of the mobile battery in a short time.

Steady mounting

The mount is compatible with the majority of devices between 52 and 82 mm in width. It automatically adjusts to the gadget's dimensions and ensures reliable mounting. NAVITEL SH1000 PRO will withstand both sudden braking and uneven roads.

Easy to install

Installation of the device will not take long. The mount is attached to an air vent using a spring clamp at the back of the device. NAVITEL SH1000 PRO is shipped with the full package of accessories required for its operation: a cable, mount for the air vent and a retainer nut.

Easy to use

The construction of NAVITEL SH1000 PRO allows foe charging of a phone without the need to take its case off. With the pivot design you can rotate the mount horizontally, for example, for a more comfortable view of GPS maps.


If your phone does not support wireless charging, the special shape of the lower mount allows you to plug the cable directly into the connector while your phone stays in the mount.


Air vent nozzle bracket
Fixing nut
USB Type-C – USB cable
User manual
Warranty card

Tech specs

Compatible adapters
5 V, 3 A; 9 V, 2 A; 12 V, 2 A; QC 2.0; QC 3.0
Power interface
USB Type-C
Wireless charging distance
< 8 mm
Maximum efficiency
80 %
Output power
5 W; 7.5 W; 10 W; 15 W
Standby input power
0.15 W
Protection of foreign object in charging area, short circuit and overheat
Allowable width of cell phone
58 – 82 mm
Size (w/o bracket, with closed arms)
100 × 67 × 54 mm
130 g