Universal car charger

NAVITEL USP45 slim-1
NAVITEL USP45 slim-2

NAVITEL USP45 SLIM is a universal car charger with fast charging USB-A connectors and a USB-C connector.

NAVITEL USP45 slim-3
NAVITEL USP45 slim-4

USP45 SLIM allows you to quickly recharge your smartphone, tablet, or others of your devices in both cars and trucks. Thanks to the presence of three connectors at once, you can charge several devices at the same time.

NAVITEL USP45 slim-5
NAVITEL USP45 slim-6

The design of the NAVITEL USP45 SLIM charger will fit into any car, and thanks to its compact size, the device will not take up much space.

Tech specs

Working voltage
Supported fast charging protocols
FC3.0, FC2.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFP, Apple 2.4.
USB-C power
Up to 27 W: 5V - 3.6A; 9V - 3A; 12V - 2.5A
USB-A power
Up to 18 W: 5V - 3A; 9V - 2A; 12V - 1.5A


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