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Updated Q3 2017 maps of 11 countries of the Middle East, South Caucasus and Asia are now available to the users of Navitel Navigator.

The Middle East, South Caucasus and Asia Q3 2017 map update includes 11 countries — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

The maps of this release contain 3 932 125 km of the road graph, 7 559 736 POI, 775 954 cities and settlements, of which 36 582 include road networks and address search.


The Q3 2017 map features the updated address database in Yerevan and other large settlements.


Q3 2017 release adds new traffic junctions on the main roads.


New traffic junctions have been added.

The road network in Batumi has been updated.

The POI database has been extended with new points of interest.


State borders on the maps have been updated.


Q3 2017 release adds updated state borders.


State borders on the maps have been updated.

Each map includes residential and industrial infrastructure with address search and detailed road network with traffic direction, interchanges, roundabouts, and other relevant information.

You can find the detailed information on every map in the Maps section of the official website.

Important! Please note that the maps of the Q3 2017 release only work with Navitel Navigator 9.7.2493 or higher.