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Navitel.Map is an information service, which provides actual maps of CIS countries, traffic information and other information to users. There is a possibility to place Navitel.Map at any site page using free API.


API allows to manage images of any objects or areas, where every point of them corresponds to a two-dimensional coordinates, i.e. to manage a map. A terrain is showed in a painted view without any useless details, but all the geographical objects names are displayed. As well, state, district and region boarders are displayed. Navitel.Maps is based on a data from hundreds of providers. Incoming information is checked for quality, completeness, accuracy and detail. Feedback is organized for our user's comments and suggestions.

Interactive maps

Is it useful? API is a great tool to create your own interactive maps. Interactive maps designed to interact with user, for example, to react to a mouse click or a key press, so user can move a map, change scale, mark points and use other elements. To interact a user different special control panels could be displayed: like a standard "Buttons", "Panels" or user defined. Navitel.Map interface is based on JavaScript. Navitel.Map api allows to create some terrain areas using a specially formed URL. Such maps can be embedded using the iframe.

Objects on a map

Some graphical objects are needed to display during a work with a map, like marks, popup messages, polygons, lines and other elements. Navitel.Map API contains a set of a program components that can be used to display the most popular graphic objects.


Interactivity of a digital map means it's reaction to a user's actions, such as scale button press. When a user makes some activity in an active area of a map, an event is generated. Navitel.Map API allows to monitor the events and to program responses to them. Events can be generated without a user's activity too, during a program access to an digital map using API, for example, when an object is created or deleted. So the realized in Navitel.Map API event monitor is a good base for creating interactive cartographic web-applications.