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Updating maps for Navitel Navigator

Map updating from the menu of the program

The internet connection is required. Due to size of some maps, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Run Navitel Navigator on your device, and then go to Menu > My Navitel > Updates.
  2. Select a map update from the list of available updates.
    The Information screen will open, providing more detailed description of the map.
  3. Tap Update, then Confirm.
Map updating via PC

This method is not applicable on iPhone/iPad!
Before installing map updates, make sure the program is up to date (see instructions on how to update the program).

  1. Log into your personal account at NAVITEL® website. There, select My devices (updates), and then in the Update column, click Available updates. A page will open containing the list of available updates for all purchased and activated licenses.
  2. Select a map compatible with your version of Navitel Navigator.
  3. To the right of the map name, click Save.
  4. Save the file with the .nm7 extension to your PC.
  5. Connect you navigation device to the PC.
  6. Delete all the contents of the map folder (\NavitelContent\Maps\ by default).
  7. NOTE: After deletion of map files the maps will not be accessible in the program. For further use of the maps, their newer versions must be installed. Deletion of older maps is necessary to avoid errors of the program due to incompability of newer and older versions of maps.

  8. Copy the downloaded files from the PC to the map folder of the device (\NavitelContent\Maps\ by default).
  9. Disconnect the device from the PC, and then run Navitel Navigator. The program will automatically index the maps and create a new atlas.