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Updating Navitel Navigator for PND

Here you can find instructions on how to update the program on Windows CE-based portable navigator devices (PND) and car head units and also Windows CE and Linux-based NAVITEL® devices.
Instruction for updating the program on Android-based PND devices can be found in the Updating Navitel Navigator section of the website.

If the program has been deleted, use the instruction to install it back (Windows CE-based devices).

If the application was installed on an SD-card, and if update installation requires replacement of the card, it is necessary to re-activate the license key on the new SD-card. For that, please fill out the key re-registration form. In the Re-registration reason field, select the Flash card change option. But first be sure that program successfully starts at new SDcard. SDcard ID for registration can be seen by taping at "!" button at "Unregistered version" page.

Updating the program with Navitel Navigator Updater

To update the program with the help of the Navitel Navigator Updater, please follow the steps below:

  1. Proceed to the Downloads section of the website.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Download Navitel Navigator Updater for PC.
  3. Save the archive to the PC.
  4. Extract the files from the archive and install the program by starting the .exe file and completing all the steps of the installation wizard.

The detailed instructions on how to update the program with Navitel Navigator Updater are available here.

If you are using this update method, it is not necessary to separately update the maps.

Updating the program from the NAVITEL® website
  1. Log into your personal account at the NAVITEL® website, there click My devices (updates), and then select Available updates.
    A screen will open, providing the list of updates available according to the purchased and activated licenses.
  2. If the product that you are trying to update is not activated yet, it is necessary to activate it first in your personal account.

  3. Connect the navigation device or the memory card (depending on the model of the device) to the PC.
  4. Save a backup copy of the contents of the memory card or the internal memory to your PC.
  5. Download the archive with updates for you particular model of device to PC, and then extract the files. The archive contains a folder with the program (Navitel, NaviOne, MobileNavigator, or another name option, depending on your model of the device), and, possibly, some other folders and files.
  6. Delete the program folder (Navitel, NaviOne or MobileNavigator depending upon the model of the device) from the memory card or the internal memory.
  7. Copy the extracted folder to the memory card or the internal memory of the device.
  8. Update maps according to the instruction.