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Navitel.Events - new free interactive service allows users to fix and see on the map other users marks of the various types of road events.

Types of events:

Road accidents

Use this type of events to mark road accidents. You can use additional information column and hotkeys to show traffic lane, where road accident happened.

Road works

You can mark places of road works with an option of fast lanes segmentation at this type of events.

Other warnings

Other warnings are used, if an event, which happened on the road, cannot be described as any other type. It is preferably to use text description for sending more detailed event information.

Speed cameras

In case you saw road police with speed control systems, you can mark this road section on the road to warn other users, drive safely and follow the rules.

All published marks on the map can be commented. Every new event on a map is visible for Navitel users. Events published on the map earlier can be confirmed or declined by other users, in case the event mark is not correct.

Navitel.Events data is updated along with Navitel.Traffic service information. Events data automatically disappears after 3 hours or 30 minutes from the last confirmation.

Event can be deleted from the map by author and by other users. Every new event gets rating "1" by default. Every new event confirmation improves its rating, every new event denial – lowers. When even reaches rating 0 – it is deleted from a map.

Navitel.Events service regulations:

It is prohibited to put same types of events at the distance of 100 meters or less.

It is prohibited to create too many events and to vote many times for already confirmed events. The limitation for event confirmation or cancellation is: 10 actions per 10 minutes.

In case of limitation exceeding, server will ignore action.

It is prohibited to duplicate event confirmation or cancellation and to confirm your own events.

Quantity of event commented text is also limited.

It is strictly prohibited to use obscene words and advertisement in event comments. Messages are moderated and violators can be restricted in terms of service use.